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About Us

While on a trip to Quebec an idea was born…

It all started with a trip to “la belle province.” While walking the streets of Old Quebec we had our first taste of “real chocolate.” The many artisan chocolate shops, each filled with their own variety of amazing treats, served as inspiration for a new business. Armed with this newfound appreciation of fine chocolate, and about to embark on a move to the Okanagan, an idea was born to merge fine chocolate with local fruit from the Okanagan. From there liv a lil chocolate was born.

Julia Keller

A chemist by trade and the creative force behind liv a lil chocolate. After moving to the Okanagan Julia decided that the time was right to launch a business. Drawing upon her chemical background, in addition to her passion for art, Julia is the artist and developer of the chocolate truffles and has an interest in the merger between fine chocolate and locally sourced Okanagan fruit and spirits.

Jordan Keller

Jordan is a graduate of the prestigious Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts in Vancouver, BC. A chemist by trade and an entrepreneur at heart, Jordan is the business force behind liv a lil chocolate. With experience in launching and operating several small businesses, and inspired by the beauty and serenity of the mountains in which he resides, Jordan is passionate about bringing quality products to market to showcase what the Okanagan has to offer.

Together we are the team behind liv a lil chocolate. Drawing upon inspiration from our two young taste testers (Lily and Olive), we are passionate and dedicated about the development of fine chocolate using the highest quality of ingredients.

**A Note About Our Name**

The name of our company has two sources of inspiration:

1. liv a lil chocolate incorporates the names of our two daughters (Olive = liv and Lily = lil)

2. We want to encourage people to indulge in modest amounts of chocolate. Our chocolate portions are intentionally kept small; we feel that in the right "dose" chocolate is beneficial for both the body and mind!

In The Media

liv a lil chocolate was featured on Shaw TV Okanagan as part of the go! Okanagan series. Thank you to Shaw TV for your support!