Chocolate Care

While chocolate naturally has a stable shelf life under the right conditions, our products are preservative free with many of our truffles ganache based (using cream) and thus, are best consumed within 30 days. We find that most chocolate lovers do not have much difficulty following this rule of thumb when it comes to quality chocolate!

In general, the following is the Best Consumed By guidelines for liv a lil chocolate:

  • Chocolate Truffles: 30 Days
  • Chocolate Meltaways & Caramels: 60 Days
  • Chocolate Bars: 90 Days
  • Drinking Chocolate: 6 months

Chocolate is best stored in a dark, dry place between 12-20°C. In fact, chocolate is best stored outside of a refrigerator as a fridge can introduce moisture (which can cause chocolate bloom or “white spots” to appear on your chocolate) as well as odours from other foods that can be absorbed by the chocolate. Lastly, chocolate is best consumed when it is at room temperature to allow for optimal mouth melting and flavour distribution.