"I purchased this chocolate at the Vernon market in November and I am addicted!! I'm a dark chocolate lover and this product is pure, free from preservatives and simply divine. Highly recommend their product and better yet it's local."

Corinne Szepesi, Vernon, BC   


"A family member outside of Fredericton ordered liv a lil chocolate and told me, "they were exquisite!" Love, love, loved them."

Georgette Wirth, Regina, SK  


"I just put in an order a couple days ago, just treating ourselves to some delicious chocolates and it's already on its way! They ship fast and are the most beautiful chocolates besides being so tasty."

Lise Olson, Airdrie, AB   


"I got the limited edition tea infused chocolates and as a die-hard tea fan, I can honestly say they were delicious! The tea flavours matched perfectly to the melty chocolate and I especially love the hand-painted polka dots. I would definitely recommend these to any chocolate or tea fan out there!"

Loni Johnson, Kelowna, BC   


"This is 'Hands down' the BEST chocolate I have EVER eaten, and believe me, I have eaten a lot of chocolate."

Helga Helgason, Kelowna, BC   


"Julia makes the best chocolate ever. I love the special attention she takes to the details of each chocolate. And to know it's made right here at home -- that makes it all extra special. It's just soooo good. Great job Julia!"

Michelle Duford, Kelowna, BC  


"Our family buys these handmade chocolates for our moms on moms day... Delish! And they are super fast at shipping out too! Easy peasy."

Jenn Kyllo, Lake Country, BC   


"The chocolate is so very smooth; it melts in your mouth...The Orchard collection were wonderfully fruity with that same velvety smooth chocolate...We also liked the presentation, with the coloured patterns on the outside of the chocolates and the simple but elegant boxes. Very attractive packaging."

Gerry and Laurie Gruber, Ottawa, ON   


"I just tried liv a lil chocolate for the first time...if you haven't had a chance to experience this indulging treat you need to check it out! Wow, the best tasting chocolate I have had in years. A lil goes a long way when the quality is so good! Thanks Julia for sharing."

Judy Holt, Lake Country, BC   


"So I bought your chocolates for a friend...well they never made it to that friend as I HAD to try it myself. Long story short you guys make amazing chocolate and I had to order more!!! Can't wait for it to arrive."

Ashley Fontaine, Chetwynd, BC   


"My son ordered a selection of chocolates from you for my Mothers Day Gift and I just wanted to let you know how truly amazing they are...my favorite is the caramel crunch...the taste is simply exquisite....everything was artistic in presentation and wonderfully flavorful!! Thank you very much..."

Dennise Dedman, Regina, SK    


"The peppermint hot chocolate is fantastic :) both my boys, 2 and 4 years old, loved it! And I love your peppermint chocolate bars and caramel bars too! It's all great.... I'm sure the kids would like your chocolate bars too but I don't want to share haha! Great gifts though!"

Jensine Mehlsen, Lake Country, BC   


"I've been a long time follower (on instagram), but I had my first opportunity to grab some of your vegan caramels...THEY WERE INCREDIBLE. My mind was blown at how fantastic these chocolates tasted that I had to bring them into work to share with everyone. Once they tasted them I said "can you believe this is vegan????" Your work is just phenomenal."

Laura Mabee, Kelowna, BC   


"When I went vegan last summer, I remember how disappointing it was to realize caramel isn't usually vegan. How could I live without this sweet treat?! But here to save the day is liv a lil chocolate with their salted coconut caramel collection. Decadent, delicious and deeply satisfying."

Skylah Sheppard, Kelowna, BC